Официальные переводы на 35 языков


Arabic   Danish     Macedonian     Italian   Slovak
Belarusian   Finnish     Netherlands      Urdu      Slovenian
   Bulgarian      French      Norwegian      Polish      Korean
   Catalan      German      Greek      Portuguese      Spanish
   Chinese      Japanese      Hungarian      Romanian      Swedish
   Croatian      Latin      Persian      Russian      Ukrainian
   Czech      Lithuanian      Hebrew      Serbian      English



    We have the team of sworn translators appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain. The sworn translator (formerly called only a sworn interpreter) is covered by the power to attest to the truthfulness and fidelity of foreign language translations and interpretations throughout the territory.
    Sworn translations have legal validity before official bodies. They are mandatorily issued on paper, carry certification, seal and signature of the sworn translator.


  Birth certificate   Accounts staiment
  Marriage certificate   Judicial order
  Death certificate   Judicial ruling
  Family Book   (divorce sentence,
  Grades card    adoption, separation ...)
  College degree   Power of attorney
  Academic record   Contract / Agreement
  Working life REPORT   Certificate of registration
  Bank certificate   Faith of life 
  Medical certificate   Criminal record
  Certification of   Driving license
  Commercial Registry   Car bill 
  Tax certification   Approval and validation
  Bylaws   Treasury Form
  Annual accounts    


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