Your translations and interpretations in the hands of professionals

We have a team of official sworn translators and interpreters appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will offer the highest quality language solutions to national and international clients
Sworn translations

Official translations made by MAEC Sworn Translators (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) for their birth certificates, academic records, notarial deeds.

General Translation

General translation Technical translation Medical reports. Websites. Correction of texts. Manuals Instructions for use.


Immigration procedures. Presentation of renewals and residency applications. We accompany to police station or any place that the client needs to go.

Language courses

Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, English. A wide range of courses, to fit the needs of the students who wish to study. Torre del Mar, Caleta de Vélez, Nerja, Vélez-Málaga.

Courses abroad/Excursions

Learn Russian in Russia Learn English in England Learn Spanish in Spain


Apostille of the Hague. Legalization of documents. Spanish nationality. Formalities



Axarlingua is the first agency specialized in sworn translation and interpretation in 32 languages in the Axarquía, on the Costa del Sol. We began to provide our services in 2008 only for the Axarquía. Today we perform our services throughout Spain.

Thanks to our team of highly qualified translators, we carry out sworn translations, technical translations, translations of medical reports, translations of web pages and text corrections.

We have passion for our work, offering maximum professionalism and quality with a personal treatment. We are proud of our work and thank our customers for the experience gained in years worked.

Why Use Our Services

We work in our sector since 2008 and our customers matter to us.

Urgent service 24 hours Home free delivery Sworn translators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs We are responsible for our work We advise and guide you in your personal efforts.

  • You can always request a copy of the sworn translation

  • We answer calls and respond to all messages and emails

  • If you are our client you can use translation services totally free (see conditions)

  • We are not only your translator, we are also your trusted person

  • We have personal reception points

Work with us

If you are a professional in your business, live in spain or in another country and you like to perform

• Written or oral translations
• Teach adult and children to your mother language
• You have an office and you are interesting to be our agent
• Want to take the practice or be our volunteer
• You have new ideas and suggestions

Write us, send your resume, we will be happy to consider your offers


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